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Our Mission

Asian-Mart strives to bring high-quality, essential products to the Miami Florida area.

About Us

Our Korean family brings fresh, authentic, and healthy Korean and Asian fare to you.  Our history traces to war, starvation, struggle,  


We were taught that problems could always be solved as long as you had a “bottle of Kimchi in the fridge!” ..a food that binds this family and nourishes the soul.  


할머니 Halmeoni (Grandma) had taught us to preserve the rich culture and history. She did that by putting hope and determination in every batch and bite. It was always known that before she said hello to you, she would ask if you had eaten anything yet.  This was her way of loving and nurturing us, through our bellies.


Now, we bring our communities together sharing the love of our culture and history.  Our kimchi is spicy and strong and is not “fusioned” or “toned-down”.  We extend the love and authenticity of Halmeoni’s hands to you.  Now, we ask: “have you eaten yet?” 건배 Geonbae (Cheers)!

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